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Our training solutions allows to help small business and individuals improve skills to run their own business and manage business activities efficiently and financial gain as result.


You as new small business owner or self-employee how want to manage you finance by yourself, there are certain procedures you are going to want to know how to perform. Lets us training you with tip for Quickbooks will lay down the foundation for doing your finance control by yourself.

Most important procedures you need to learn to manage your basic finance:

Computer Organization

If your computer is a mess. You’ve got files all over your desktop and downloads folder crammed with app installers from tow year ago, and who knows where the file that you need pay yesterday is. Let’s us to fix it.

Altia, teach you to implement a system you can actually stick to. we will create a set up where every folder is in the right place, but most important, we will training you to maintenance.


We training in the basic way to control your income and your expenses.
We build a set up in quickbook or in a spreadsheet in Excel. In this way you can have a better idea where the money you work for it is.

Office Administration Training

Altia Provides the necessary knowledge and skills to management your business in a successful way. We teach strategies to help keep your administrative duties organize, gain the skills need it for effective communication, organization and time management. In this way you or any of you family can have better control of you company, in fact, we can train your new employee and you can have the tranquility that your business will be very well care.


We'll Help Get Your Home Office Organized!​

Many people who work in their homes are too busy serving their clients and customers, and can’t find the time to review, and organize their paperwork.  We offer services to help you with paperwork monthly, and weekly.


We Believe You Have Better Things To Do, Let Us Help You With That.